Zeb L. West at Dallas Solo Fest

Here is some more coverage of the upcoming Dallas Solo Fest! 

Lauren Moore Interviews Zeb L. West About Video Game and Theatre Arts

Ms. Lauren Moore, of the gaming website ScrewAttack and an actor in her own right (most recently with Denton's Sundown Collaborative Theatre), interviews Austin-based puppeteer, solo performer and indie video game designer Zeb L. West. They speak via Skype, Lauren from Dallas and Zeb from downtown San Francisco.

West brings his solo show INNOCENT WHEN YOU DREAM, complete with puppets and sea shanties, to the 2014 Dallas Solo Fest. The festival runs May 15-25. For info on Zeb’s show, click HERE

Highlights of the podcast include:

1:10 – Zeb‘s time as a student at California’s Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.

4:45 – Getting involved in the world of video games.

5:55 – How the worlds of video games and theatre affect and inform each other.

10:50 – Storytelling as a beneficial tool across art forms.

14:45 - Working on BioWare’s epically huge game Star Wars: The Old Republic and then following that with a swing into an indie game studio.

19:05Web Series about doing 48 hour “game jams” in a van with his indie studio Bionary Solo.

20:30 – getting into puppetry and working his Austin’s puppeteering mad scientist Connor Hopkins at Trouble Puppet Theatre.

23:05 – the inspirations behind his show INNOCENT WHEN YOU DREAM, including Monty Python, the Canadian fringe and Moby Dick.

INNOCENT WHEN YOU DREAM plays at the Dallas Solo Fest at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park, May 15-25, 2014. For info, tickets, directions and more visit: http://www.DallasSoloFest.com